shell sketch Denmark Coastal Hike Watercolor

  • Title:  shell sketch Denmark Coastal Hike Watercolor
  • Description:  CreativeCommons Art by Frits Ahlefeldt, HikingArtist
  • Owner:  Frits Ahlefeldt
  • Views:  243
  • ID:  1061
  • Keywords:  coast path, hiking, Scandinavia, Sealand, trail, watercolour
  • Copyright:  image-by-Frits-ahlefeldt-hikingartistCom
  • Filename:  1-day-Coast-trail-denmark-day-1-sea-shell-string-watercolor-HikingArtist.jpg
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License: CreativeCommons by, NC-ND license [More Info]

Resolution: 1250 x 861 px ( 10.6cm x 7.3cm @ 300 dpi )

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